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Mainland Headwear Group focuses on Europe and the US trading businesses by three subsidiaries, DPI, H3 Sportgear and San Diego Hat Company, which are served as the distribution, trading and sales branch of the European and the US markets.

Being specialized in licensed, private label, custom and ODM products, the three subsidiaries include license portfolio of the world’s most recognized and established brands, and provide immediate, customized and flexible services to customers and retailers.

DPI is set up to build closer ties with European customers and keeps abreast of European fashion culture and headwear trends. The company has now acquired distribution rights of the headwear products from leading soccer teams in the English Premier League (EPL).

The Group acquired H3 Sportgear and San Diego Hat Company to become its distribution and trading arm in the US. H3 Sportgear assists the Group to enter into the accessories business to improve product mix, while San Diego Hat Company assists the Group to enter the high-end women's headwear market, further widening the product range.